Michael Mack 2021-05-25 19:25

5 Free Browser Games to Play for Hours while Locked In

What you have in excess during the quarantine is time. Many of us have never had so many hours to just kill. Games always come to the rescue in such moments. But installing a game takes time, and, if it isn’t free, money as well. Sometimes you don’t want to purchase a game or spend hours downloading and installing it. Then it’s time to think about browser games.

They are usually lightweight, take seconds to load (if your connection is decent), and registration is not necessary. Even an old computer from the mid-2000s can handle them. Some of these games can be played even in mobile browsers, though they also offer lightweight and fast apps.

If you want to reload your mind for a couple of minutes, or to spend a boring hour of waiting, or just play your stress away, browser games are always an option. There are various browser games, but we have selected only the free ones you can try in a moment after the page loads. These don’t require obsolete technologies a la Adobe Flash, so they can be played in virtually any browser.


agar.io screenshot

It’s one of the most popular and addictive browser games, as for 2020. The game puts you into the primordial soup (or something similar) where you control a cell. Your aim is to grow as big as you can, and it requires swallowing other cells. It’s not as simple as it sounds, because other cells are also hunting you. So here comes survival of the fittest: you need to hide when you’re weaker and attack when you’re stronger.

Luckily, you have good weaponry: your cell can split into a swarm, hide behind bigger circles, accelerate, and so on. The controls include just the mouse and two buttons.

The game is basically free, but it supports paid features like turning off ads or customizing your appearance. As you authorize via Google or Facebook, you can buy more stars and activate yourself double or triple XP before you start the game. There are also customizing options, letting you put your own picture onto your cells.

The idea is simple and common for many .io multiplayer browser games (if you like this one, you can explore them later). If you like it so much that you are ready to play it everywhere (where you afford to go during the homestay), you can download a mobile app and keep playing.

Line Rider

Line rider screenshot

It’s rather a toy than a game. At least, the creator of Line Rider, Boštjan Čadež, insists on this definition, and he has his reasons. There is no competition at all in this online entertainment: you cannot see other players. And you have no aim to reach and no challenge but the very basic. 

The idea is simple. On the screen, you see a rider (named Bosh after his creator). Draw lines around so Bosh can slide. If you move your mouse from left to right, it will be the floor; vice versa, it’s the ceiling. The color of lines impacts their transparency. If you master these rules, you can exploit it along with the game physics to create very amusing scenes. Yes, you can record them and publish later.

The rules are explained on the game page. As you are drawing your lines, they are constantly seen for reference. Drawing tools, similar to those of Paint, are on the top of the page.

Street Skater

Street Skater gameplay

If you feel nostalgic and want to recollect your 1980s (or the Golden Age your parents told you about), here comes Street Skater. It’s a platform runner where you control a skater that moves constantly through the land. Jump to avoid obstacles, perform tricks, and collect coins hanging in the air: that’s all you have to do.

The longer you maintain, the greater is your chance to record your name in the leaderboard. But you only have one life; if you get smashed, you’ll have to restart.
While authentic old games are always hard to run on new hardware because of compatibility issues, this one is, on the contrary, the easiest. To run it, you just need to open the page. While playing, you’ll only need Space and Shift buttons. Last but not least: it works equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Cube Slam

Cube Slam gameplay

The idea of digital ping pong or tennis can produce amazing results, even if it’s made intendedly simple. Cube Slam is a tennis-like game designed in post-Minecraft cubic design and lets you play with your friends or an AI, a virtual bear. 

The gameplay is quite predictable. You move the platform that functions as a racket and return the ball (or rather the cube from the name), so your opponent has to do the same. There are some borrowings from Arkanoid: for example, if you hit an extra target with the cube, another cube appears, and you play both.

Last but not least: it requires no registration, so anyone can join a running game with a link. During the game, players can see each other on the video chat in the same window, due to WebRTC embedded.

Teachable Snake

Teachable Snake screenshot

This is probably the most unusual quarantine game in this review. It looks like its authors invented something for you to enjoy the process of learning as well as the gameplay. It had to be something very unusual, and it is.

Remember the famous Snake game? First, it had to be controlled with buttons on your mobile keyboard – before the touchscreen era. Then there were PC versions for your keyboard and mouse, and then touch variations. Now the developers of Teachable Snake introduce the most bizarre control method in browser gaming.

Before you play, you need to take a small piece of paper (not necessarily a full sheet) and draw or print an arrow on it. Then open the page (better in Chrome) and allow it to access the camera. Then you’ll have to keep the arrow in front of the camera and turn it around to make your snake change direction.

It surely will be harder than you expect. On the other hand, it’s fun to see your own face behind the camera. You’ll need to distribute your attention between the dot on the screen and the paper you show, and that contributes to the overall difficulty. But definitely it won’t be dull.

Other Games in Your Browser

Chrome users already know about the Dino, the game Chrome can play while you’re offline. But there are many other games that you can open in your browser and have fun. Which ones do you prefer? Let’s talk about it in the comments.